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Cabinet Refacing vs. Refinishing

Cabinet Refacing vs. Refinishing

January 28, 2015

Are you tired of your kitchen? Well, a coat of paint or stain could fix that.....right? But then, after the novelty wears off, you realize that the doors are still flimsy, the hinges look awful and the door style remains old-fashioned. But a complete cabinet replacement is out of the question (student loans, children and home improvements are expensive!).....so what now?

This is where cabinet refacing comes in! True, it's a bit more expensive than simply redoing the finish on your existing doors. But it's the only way to get a custom look without the full replacement price. And the process is simple! There is no need to empty your cabinets or take down decorations, and you won't lose access to your kitchen for days and weeks. The Swiss & Martin process simply has you remove a few bits from your drawers so our installers can fit their drill in to attach the new drawer fronts. Other than that, you can kick back! Most kitchens also only take us a day to install, so you can eat breakfast in your old kitchen, and prepare and eat dinner in your new one! If you elected to simply refinish your cabinets, that first coat of stain or paint would still be drying.

When it comes to door styles and finishes, the sky is the limit. You can stay simple and contemporary with a Shaker-style door, or go a bit more bold with a thick molding. Here are Swiss & Martin, we are capable of designing the right doors for your kitchen, and can start from those photos of your dream kitchen you have stashed away. Our goal is to make our customers happy, and for a quick renewal of the heart of your home, cabinet refacing is how we accomplish that.

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